Photo: Oskar Ohlson, Carl-Johan Utsi, Oula Guttorm


when: 13:30,
thursday 17.09
where: ferrum hotel


It is a known cultural political issue that the Sámi cultural field misses support systems that when it comes to export, sales, marketing and development.  It’s a long way from Sápmi to the south, and organizations, booking agencies and others that support the national cultural industry. If we lifted our gaze from the West’s way of thinking, and made our own solutions as to how to support our cultural field – what would they look like?




Åsa Simma, the Director of Giron Sámi Teáhter, will moderate this conversation. She is a multi talented artist which has been a part of the cultural Sámi art world for many decades, she has toured with Áillohaš and has a big heart and passion for the Sámi cultural world – in other words, a perfect moderator for this conversation.

Sandra Márjá West is the festival Director of the Riddu Riđđu festival in Kåfjord, Norway. She is, as most Sámis, a multi talented person and is also a duojár, a silversmith, yoiker and a politician

Oula Guttorm is a cultural producer and musician. He produces the Ijahis Idja festival in Anár, works in Sámi Music Centre which is a project under the Finnish Sámi Parliament and has been in the music industry for over 10 years. He has also worked as a manager and booking agent for many Sámi artists in Finland such as Ailu Valle, Niillas Holmberg and Wimme & Rinne.