when: 10:30,
tuesday 03.11


Where is the Sámi cultural field in 10 years?

Members of the Culture-Sápmi think thank invite you to discuss around the following 4 kitchen tables. You will be placed in groups by the organizer.


Kitchentable 1: Kultur-sápmis ecosystem – how does the ecosystem work for the Sámi art and culture field, which parts belong to the ecosystem and how are they connected to each other? 

Kitchentable 2: Cultural fundings and support mechanisms – do national and Sámi cultural fundings and support mecanisms support the Sámi field on the field’s premises and what is the potential for improvement? 

Kitchentable 3: Digitization and market access – The Sámi art and culture field is cross-border, which entails both challenges and opportunities for the field. Sámi “art kodisillen”?

Kitchentable 4: The Russian side of Sápmi – How does the corona affect the field on the Russian side of Sápmi, what measures should be implemented, how to create market access?


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