Photo: Magnus Gehlin


when: 10:10,
wednesday 04.11


Sofia Jannok, singer, yoiker, song writer, producer and owner of the music label Songs to Arvas (named after the tundra my siida keeps our reindeer on) on which I release my music. Also running Arvas Foundation that supports indigenous projects worldwide.


Been singing and yoiking on stage since the age of 11.
I am currently working on my 5th album, LAVV U. I always tend to do art of what I mostly need at the moment. Previous album ORDA’s work was all about power yoiks, because I needed new songs of ČSV spirit in a global context.

This time I have turned my perspective inwards. Within Sámi and other indigenous cultures music is often used as healing. With LAVV U I truly realized how powerful this medicine really is.

I will give you guys a short brief of the work of an album entirely: how I contemplate on theme, where a song starts and which song ends the story, all the time and soul I put into lyrics and double meanings, how I visuals the music in photo, how I choose collaborators and what keeps me going.