Photo: Marie Louise Somby // Árvu


when: 12:45,
wednesday 16.09
where: ferrum hotel


This is not about Beaska and Sara Marielle, but rather the success stories from our own cultural industry. Why have some succeeded in reaching such a broad audience for their product, what do they think made the difference, and of course what mistakes did they make and what did they learn from them?


Árvu // Marie Louise Somby
With a deep understanding of the Northern Norwegian and Sami culture, Árvu works to create visual identities and visual storytelling for companies in creative industries. Karine and Marie Louise are the founders of Árvu, and say their most important qualities are their proximity to their customers through culture, local thinking and our Sami language and history. They have worked with The Sami Parliament in Norway, Alta Museum, Graveniid, Kautokeino Rein, Dávvi Siida, Elle Márjá Eira, Sami wizards, Mis of Sápmi, Arctic Lavvo, NSR, Trasti & Trine and the Indigenous conference Alta 2017.