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when: 12:45,
wednesday 16.09
where: ferrum hotel


This is not about Beaska and Sara Marielle, but rather the success stories from our own cultural industry. Why have some succeeded in reaching such a broad audience for their product, what do they think made the difference, and of course what mistakes did they make and what did they learn from them?


Matti Aikio
There is tremendous interest in Sámi and indigenous contemporary art in the world at the moment. Matti Aikio is a contemporary artist and reindeer herder from Vuotso, which art has traveled the world. From Documenta 14 in Kassel, creen City Biennial in Stavanger, Santiago de Chile and Ii, Sao Paulo 31st Biennial, Norway, Finland, England, Italia, Spain, Germany to Singapore. His artistic motivation is rising from an attempt to try to understand nomadic world views and nomadic philosophy, and he works mainly with video installations, film, photography, sound and spatial installations.