Photo: Nina Andersson


when: 13:00,
wednesday 04.11


Basically everything is a work in progress until it’s finished, and with art it’s often as in life: it’s the journey/process that’s the most interesting part. Here are some of the inspiring and powerful WIPs in Sápmi as we live and breathe November 2020.


work in progress: Oskar Östergren Njajta

Oskar Östergren Njajta is a director and producer that works in several different genres and roles in film making, in Bautafilm where he is co-owner. Now he is working on two main projects; as a scriptwriter for a TV-drama series in development and as writer/director of an animated TV-series for kids: “Saajven jïh elmien gaske” (Between Saajve and the sky). In this W.I.P. he will talk about the animation-project, that is in production right now. He will talk about the importance of inside perspective, how to write for children, balancing between adventure and cliches and all the things you learn on the way, when doing your first animation.