Photo: Janita Zenteno // Visit Tromsø


when: 14:00,
wednesday 16.09
where: ferrum hotel


The goal of life hacks is to make some (or all) aspects of one’s life easier and/or more efficient. In this section of the program we aim to give you some tools that hopefully will make life as a cultural worker a lot easier.


life hacks: some


SoMe – or should we say social media – has changed the world into an interactive marketplace, and unless the sun should explode tomorrow it will stay as important for decades to come. During these 30 (short) minutes we will give you an insight as to how to up your SoMe-game in a matter of minutes. #ambitious

Alice Marie Jektevik is the producer of the international Indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu, which takes place every year in July in the coastal Sámi area of Gáivuotna. Jektevik has her formal education within media and communication. 

Anne Henriette Nilut works in Saami Council’s cultural department, and has previously worked with festivals.