Photo: Daniel Olausson // Media Tales


when: 14:00,
wednesday 16.09
where: ferrum hotel


The goal of life hacks is to make some (or all) aspects of one’s life easier and/or more efficient. In this section of the program we aim to give you some tools that hopefully will make life as a cultural worker a lot easier.


life hacks: economy


Many of us spend years pulling out our hair in pure frustration trying to organise our finances, and wrapping our head around all the guidelines we need to follow. This is our Christmas gift to all you who strongly relate to this. Maybe next year we’ll all have more hair, after all it is common knowledge that hair growth isn’t one of our strong suits. Mattias Berglund has many years of experience in business development in small and medium-sized companies, and works with consulting and finance. He works for Ávki, which is a finance agency and development company based in Gällivare.