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Basically everything is a work in progress until it’s finished, and with art it’s often as in life: it’s the journey/process that’s the most interesting part. Here are some of the inspiring and powerful WIPs in Sápmi as we live and breathe November 2020.


work in progress: ina omma


Buerie biejjie!
My name is Ina Omma. I live in Skellefteå with my husband and our dog. My family comes from Vilhelmina, Vualtjere, on the Swedish side of Saepmie. I study southern-saami and devote myself to vätnoe (soft handicraft, mainly sewing gaptas, gapta-details and saami fashion). I also discuss and shed light on issues concerning racism, saami culture, saami society, saami identity and saami norm structure, through social media and seminars etc.