Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen


when: 14:20,
tuesday 03.11


Basically everything is a work in progress until it’s finished, and with art it’s often as in life: it’s the journey/process that’s the most interesting part. Here are some of the inspiring and powerful WIPs in Sápmi as we live and breathe November 2020.


work in progress: emil karlsen


Emil Karlsen is a 23 year old singer, juoigi, musician, songwriter and producer from Omasvuotna.
Since the age of 15, his main project musically has been the band Resirkulert, which have made their fair share of success in Norway (Northern Norway in particular).

The last two eyars have gradually become more and more dedicated to juoigan, digging further into the different kinds of luohti, attempting to find more information on juoiganstyles from his areas. As he was appointed the young artist of the year for Riddu 2019-2020 he got the opportunity to profetionalize his investigation on juoigan, and to cooperate with other sámi artists. One of the questions that often would be heard was «when are you releasing a song in sámi?».
Writing songs with sámi lyrics had already been a goal for Emil for a long time, and it quickly became clear that the Riddu-project would be the kickstarter for this.

Due to the pandemic, the results could not be shown as planned since no festivals could be held at all, but that did’nt necessarily turn out in a bad way.

Emil will tell you about the state of the project right now, what the juoiganinvestion and cooperation with other young sámi artists taught him, and what will soon be showed to the world. Maybe you’ll even get a very exclusice sneak peek!