Photo: Ville-Riiko Fofonoff

when: 10:20,
tuesday 03.11
where: ferrum hotel


Basically everything is a work in progress until it’s finished, and with art it’s often as in life: it’s the journey/process that’s the most interesting part. Here are some of the inspiring and powerful WIPs in Sápmi as we live and breathe October 2019.


work in progress: Ailu Valle & Amoc


Ailu Valle & Amoc aka Mikkal Morottaja are making a new album together in Northern and Anár Sámi languages. The album is part of the art and science collaboration project “The Onthological Politics of Sámi Cultural Heritage” led by Sanna Valkonen, professor of Sámi Research in Lapland University, Finland. Ailu Valle is a 35-year old Northern Sámi rapper from Gámasmohkki and Mikkal Morottaja is a 36-year old Anár Sámi rapper from Anár; both well known as Sámi artists and for their work in language revitalization. Ailu and Mikkal discuss and showcase their album process and also get into more detail about the soon-to-be-released single, Horagállis (God of Thunder).