Photo: Oskar Ohlson


when: 15:45,
wednesday 16.09
where: ferrum hotel


Basically everything is a work in progress until it’s finished, and with art it’s often as in life: it’s the journey/process that’s the most interesting part. Here are some of the inspiring and powerful WIPs in Sápmi as we live and breathe October 2019.


work in progress: ædnan – åsa simma, giron sámi teáhter


The theater has its roots in the free theater group Dálvadis, a pioneer group without a fixed stage that acted in Sami language on tour in Scandinavia, Europe and Canada.

The theater has its own stage, premises and administration in Kiruna. Giron Sámi Teáhter’s mission is to carry out professional performing arts based on the Sami culture and identity and to promote the Sámi languages by raising current issues.


Åsa Simma is the director of Giron Sámi Teáhter. She’s also an actress, yoiker and scriptwriter. In this session she will tell us about the theatre’s major project in collaboration with Riksteateret; Ædnan. As the first theatre to do so, they are adapting Linnea Axelsson’s prize winning book Ædnan to theatre. Åsa will share their vision and illuminate the process so far to us.